Zting HQ
(Last updated May. 30, 2024)

Welcome to Zting HQ, the Central Hive Colony (CHC) that runs the entire Zting Organization (ZO).

The World finds itself in a fragile state, eroding under the pressures of unchecked human behavior. Rampant wars, greed, corruption, environmental degradation, and a disregard for the delicate balance of ecosystems have pushed our planet into a state of unprecedented despair. Now more than ever, the consequences of our actions loom large, casting a shadow over future generations, and challenging us to reevaluate our relationship with the Earth and each other.

Zting HQ

The Zting Philosophy

General Johnny B. Zting
General Johnny B Zting

The Zting Organization is founded on hope, not fear. While we acknowledge the serious challenges facing the world, our focus is on what we can achieve together to improve it, rather than dwelling on potential doom. We believe that positive change needs to come from dedicated everyday heroes like you.

At Zting, we recognize that individuals can’t do it alone. It takes a community to drive real change. By joining the Zting Army or becoming a part of the Zting Community, you can contribute to making the world a better place. Your actions, combined with others, can make a significant impact. Join us, and be a part of something bigger and maybe equally important, having some fun while doing it. Let’s embark on the next mission together!

General Johnny B. Zting

The Zting Initiative: Building Bridges – It’s time to connect

The Zting Initiative focuses on unity, connecting people, and positive change. To connect we need to stop blowing up existing ones, but build new bridges and repair the ones that are broken.

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