Zting Community (ZC)

Zting Community (ZC) serves as a platform where individual supporters and participants, such as the Zting Angels and Zting Pollinators, can interact, participate, and contribute to the mission and vision of the Zting Organization.

  • Zting Angels could be volunteers or philanthropists who contribute to the organization in various ways, such as providing financial support, volunteering their time and expertise, or advocating for the organization’s goals and values in their own communities.
  • Zting Pollinators, inspired by the vital role of pollinators in nature, might be individuals or groups that actively work to spread the ideas and values of the organization, thereby contributing to the ‘pollination’ of these ideas within society.

In this way, the Zting Community plays a crucial role in supporting and enabling the work of both the Zting Army and the Zting Investigation Agency, under the guidance of the Zting HQ.