Zting Organization (ZO)

About the ZO

The Zting Organization (ZO) is an international organization that operates globally with a commitment to ensuring peace, justice, and well-being for all.

The Zting Organization operates under the principal entity, the Zting Hivequarter (HQ).

Zting HQ serves as one Central Administrative Office for all divisions and agencies within the Zting Organization. It manages and formulates policies and strategies for operations both on the World Wild Web, in Metaverses, Multiverses, and other Dreamverses, and in the real world.

Under the governance of Zting HQ (ZHQ), there are three main branches: the Zting Army (ZA), the Zting Investigation Agency (ZIA), and the Zting Community (ZC).

Zting Army (ZA)

The Zting Army is comprised of officers and soldiers, structured within divisions, units, and teams to conduct its operations efficiently. Zting Army serves as its military and humanitarian arm, undertaking peacekeeping on different parts of the Internet.

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Zting Investigations Agency (ZIA)

The Zting Investigation Agency (ZIA) governs the various specialized agencies focused on addressing specific global issues and areas of interest.

Zting Community (ZC)

The Zting Community (ZC) serves as a platform where individual supporters and members, such as the Zting Angels and Zting Pollinators, can interact, participate, and contribute to the mission and vision of the organization. These can be individual entities or solitary bees, who work independently of the formal organization but are still connected to the larger Zting community. They contribute to the overall goals of the Zting Organization through their individual efforts.

Zting HQ

Zting Corp

Zting Corp is the commercial arm of the Zting Organization, dedicated to harnessing technological innovation for the greater good. By developing educational AI software and games, Zting Corp strives to empower the next generation with the knowledge and tools they need to live healthy lives and contribute positively to the world.

Core principles

The Zting Organization not only focuses on maintaining peace and resolving conflicts but also on issues that profoundly affect the global community, such as climate change, poverty, health, and education.

The Zting Organization’s Core Principles:

  1. Peace and Security: Promoting peaceful societies and utilizing the Zting Army as a means to prevent conflicts and ensure security.
  2. Human Rights: Ensuring that the rights and freedoms of individuals are respected and protected globally.
  3. Justice: Facilitating a just world order that upholds international law, ensuring accountability, and delivering justice to all.
  4. Development: Addressing issues of poverty, education, and health to create a better future for all.
  5. Environment: Implementing and promoting sustainable practices to combat environmental issues.