1. What is Zting HQ?
Zting HQ is the the Hivequarter, the central administrative colony, overseeing the operations of the Zting Army, the ZIA, and the Zting Community. aiming to foster positive online interactions and address real-world issues.

2. What is the Zting Army?
The Zting Army is a global peacekeeping organization under Zting HQ, focusing on nurturing positive digital interactions, and addressing global issues.

3. How can I join the Zting Army or the Zting Community?
To join the Zting Army, you can fill out the application form on our website. You can apply to be a Zting Soldier, Angel, or Pollinator. You must accept the guidelines and rules of the organization.

4. What are the roles within the Zting Army?
The Zting Army comprises various roles, including Officers, Soldiers. Each role has different responsibilities and requirements.

5. How does Zting HQ support the Zting Army?
Zting HQ provides strategic direction, policy formulation, and administrative support to the Zting Army. It ensures that the organization operates smoothly and effectively in achieving its goals.