Age: 37

Birthplace: Sibir, Russia

Rank: Major

Department: Zting Animal Welfare Department (ZAWD)

Role: Commander in chief for the Animal Welfare Department

Background: Born and raised in the icy region of Siberia, Russia, Svetlana “Frostbite” Petrova knows a thing or two about endurance. A former operative of Spetsnaz, Svetlana was a gifted child who showed signs of genius from a young age. She attended one of the finest military academies in Russia and became a skilled military strategist. When the war with Ukraine began, Svetlana was torn. She had friends in Ukraine and couldn’t bear the thought of fighting against them. The final straw was when she was ordered to carry out a mission that would have caused unnecessary civilian casualties. Svetlana decided to escape Russia, an act that made her a traitor in the eyes of her homeland. She currently resides in Canada, where she was granted asylum. In her spare time, she enjoys chess and ice sculpting. Svetlana is as strong as she is compassionate, having devoted her life to advocating for human rights post her military tenure. She now leverages her survival skills to navigate the challenging world of activism, fighting for the voiceless and making the world a better place.

Profile Picture Description: Sharp blue eyes, high cheekbones, square face, slight wrinkles – forehead, around eyes, short blond hair, tucked behind ears, diamond stud – right ear, robust build, winterized VSR-98 Flora camouflage jacket – Russian military pattern, white t-shirt – Zting Army logo, stern face, determined look.