Name: Oscar “Hipster” Jensen
Age: 33
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Country: Denmark
Department: Zting Food & Health Division (ZFHD)
Role: Deputy Commander

Physical Description: Oscar is of medium height, with an athletic build. He’s got clear blue eyes and a carefully trimmed beard that adds to his charismatic and approachable appearance. His blonde hair is kept in a stylish undercut, which he sometimes covers with a flat cap or beanie. He has a few tattoos, each representing a significant moment or achievement in his life.

Background: Born in the heart of Copenhagen, Oscar grew up with a deep appreciation for health and sustainability. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Copenhagen and has an extensive background in health and nutrition research. Before joining the Zting Army, Oscar was a well-known figure in Copenhagen’s vibrant hipster scene, running a popular organic café that focused on plant-based and locally-sourced food.

Views: Oscar strongly believes in the power of preventative health measures, especially good nutrition. He’s an advocate for vegetarian and vegan diets, but respects individual dietary choices and focuses on promoting healthy eating habits rather than specific diets.

Hopes and Dreams: Oscar dreams of a world where everyone has access to healthy food and understands the benefits of a balanced diet. He hopes that through his work with the Zting Health Department, he can make a significant contribution to improving global health standards.