Age: 32

Rank: Corporal

Birthplace: Sichuan, China

Department: Zting Health Department (ZHD)

Physical Description: Mei is of average height, around 5’5″, with a slim, agile physique, black hair usually tied in a loose bun and expressive dark brown eyes.

Background: Mei “Blossom” Li, 32, Corporal, was born and raised in the verdant province of Sichuan, China. Her family owned a traditional Chinese medicine shop, where she gained a deep appreciation for holistic health from a young age. She pursued medical studies and specialized in neurology. Mei studied medicine at the prestigious Peking University Health Science Center before moving on to work in various wellness centers across Asia. Her work in a high-stress neurosurgery department exposed her to the dire mental health issues among her colleagues and patients, prompting her to advocate for mental health in her community. Her journey with the Zting Army began when she treated a soldier using holistic methods during a joint humanitarian mission. Impressed by her knowledge and healing skills, she was invited to join the ZHD.

Views: Advocates for a balanced approach to health, encompassing both physical and mental wellbeing. Mei strongly believes in the power of holistic healing and its capacity to promote overall wellbeing. She promotes a balance of mind, body, and spirit as the key to personal health and harmony.

Hopes and Dreams: Dreams of a world that acknowledges and addresses mental health with the same seriousness as physical health, hoping that her role in Mei hopes to introduce and integrate more holistic healing techniques within the ZHD. She dreams of a world where traditional and modern medicine can coexist and complement each other, providing comprehensive care for all.