Age: 33

Rank: Lieutenant

Birthplace: Bogota, Colombia

Role: Navigation Expert

Department: Zting Search and Rescue Unit (ZSRU)

Background: Yara “Compás” Navarro, raised in the bustling city of Bogota, Colombia, is an expert navigator with an uncanny sense of direction. Known for her exceptional skills in cartography and geospatial analysis, she earned the nickname “Compás”. Witnessing rampant violence in her homeland inspired her to become an agent of change, leading her to the Zting Army, where she uses her expertise to guide the ZSRU in challenging rescue missions.

Views: Firmly believes that no matter how lost, everyone deserves to find their way home. Yara firmly believes in the power of negotiation over warfare and is dedicated to the Zting mission.

Hopes and Dreams: She dreams of a world free of violence and despair, where every person finds their path to peace and safety, where differences are celebrated and resolved through dialogue, not battles.