Age: 26

Rank: Corporal

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany

Department: Zting Search and Rescue Team (ZSRU)

Role: Drone Operator / Surveillance

Background: Stefan “Hawk-Eye” Müller was born in Berlin where he studied mechatronics before joining the Bundeswehr. After a stint as a drone operator, he also trained as a top sniper in the German army, recognized for his remarkable vision and precision. A mission gone wrong that claimed the lives of civilians led him to rethink his role, prompting him to join the Zting Army, where he uses his skills to protect and rescue people with ZSRU.

Views: Believes in using his skills for protection, the use of technology as a tool for peace and is committed to the vision of Zting.

Hopes and Dreams: Stefan dreams of redemption and a peaceful world where his sharpshooter skills are used solely for rescue missions to protect the team. He envisions a future where technological advancements are used to foster unity and understanding among nations, rather than sow discord.