Zting Army Soldier (ZAS) Profile:

Name: Johnny B. Zting

Age: 62

Rank: General

Country: United States of America

Division: Zting HQ and Zting Search & Rescue Team (ZSRT)

Role: Team Leader and Funder of Zting Army

Physical Description: Standing at 6’1″, General Zting has a sturdy build indicative of a life spent in the military. He is distinguished, broad shoulders, physically fit for his age.

Background: Born and raised in Texas, USA, Johnny’s life was destined for the military. His dedication and hard work saw him climb the ranks and become one of the youngest generals in US history. The youngest son of Colonel Frankie X. Zting and Major Betty G. Zting, Johnny B. Zting has also become a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in various capacities and roles over a distinguished 35-year career. Tired of the cycle of violence and senseless killing, he decided to use his experience and leadership skills for active peacemaking, activism, and free speech. He founded Zting Army with the goal of using the power of words, free speech, and activism to foster understanding and peace in conflict zones around the world. His military expertise also comes in handy in leading the Zting Search and Rescue Team on covert missions to save lives.

Views: General Zting believes that conflicts can be solved and lives can be saved through understanding, dialogue, and cooperation, rather than violence and war.

Hopes and Dreams: To see a world where conflicts are resolved through understanding and compassion, not weapons and force. He hopes to turn the tide of conflict worldwide and dreams of a future where wars are a thing of the past.