Age: 42

Rank: Major

Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland

Department: Zting HQ, Zting Anti-Corruption Unit (ZACU)

Role: Chief Tech. Officer

Background: Bartosz “Nerdy” Kowalski, 38, Major, grew up surrounded by machines and circuitry in a humble apartment in Warsaw. Fascinated by technology from an early age, he quickly became the neighborhood tech whizz, fixing anything from radios to refrigerators. After obtaining a Ph.D. in Computer Science, he found himself working for a private military contractor developing AI technologies. Disturbed by the potential misuse of his work, Bartosz fled to the Netherlands, where he joined the Zting Army, determined to use his skills for the greater good in ZA.

Views: Believes in the ethical use of technology and AI, and is deeply concerned about digital privacy issues.

Hopes and Dreams: Dreams of a world where technology serves to uplift society, not control it. Hopes to guide ZTIF in creating groundbreaking yet ethical technologies.

Profile Picture Description: Nerdy glasses, short wavy hair, friendly round face, small stubble, blue eyes, soft lips, black turtleneck, camouflage-patterned,