Zting Organization Guidelines

Guidelines for all members of the Zting Organization (ZO)

Date: Aug. 24, 2023
Applies to:

  • Zting Army (including Officers and Soldiers)
  • Zting HQ personnel
  • Zting Investigation Agents
  • Zting Angels
  • Zting Pollinators

A. Online Conduct

  1. Civility is Key: Always be respectful, polite, and kind in online interactions. Refrain from trolling, bullying, or harassing others.
  2. Digital Etiquette: Adhere to netiquette norms, ensuring respect for others’ digital spaces, boundaries, and rights.
  3. Respect Privacy: Only share information or media about others with their explicit consent. This includes personal details, photographs, and videos.
  4. Uphold Truth: Always verify before you amplify. Ensure you do not spread misinformation or unverified content.
  5. Engage Respectfully: While disagreements can arise, ensure debates and discussions are kept civil, constructive, and solution-oriented.
  6. Zero Tolerance for Discrimination: Refrain from engaging in or supporting hate speech or discriminatory remarks targeting race, religion, gender, nationality, or any other demographic.
  7. Vigilance & Reporting: Always report inappropriate online behaviors, potential threats, or breaches of ZO guidelines to the relevant platforms or authorities.

B. Real-Life Conduct

  1. Universal Respect: Treat everyone with respect, honoring their rights and dignity, irrespective of their background, race, religion, gender, age, or nationality.
  2. Champion the Environment: Make decisions that prioritize sustainability and the well-being of our planet. This includes waste reduction, mindful consumption, recycling, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.
  3. Ambassadors of Peace: Emphasize peaceful resolutions, fostering understanding and dialogue. Reject all forms of violence, aggression, and antagonism.
  4. Serve the Community: Actively contribute to community service, lending a hand where needed and uplifting those around you.
  5. Stay Aware & Informed: Keep abreast of significant global, social, and environmental issues and align actions with responsible and informed choices.
  6. Continuous Growth: Prioritize personal development in all spheres – from physical health and mental well-being to skill acquisition and self-improvement.
  7. Represent & Advocate: Be a beacon of the Zting Army’s vision, spreading its mission, values, and objectives, and inspiring others to join the cause.

Remember, being a part of the Zting Organization means upholding these guidelines in all aspects of life, ensuring a world that’s harmonious both online and offline. Together, we can make a difference.