About Zting Army

Zting Army – a global peacekeeping and aid organization

Welcome to the Zting Army, a world wide web peacekeeping and aid organization that is directly subordinate to Zting HQ. We are an embodiment of unity and collaboration, dedicated to fostering a positive online presence in different parts of the Internet and contributing to resolving real-world problems.

Our work is focused primarily on cultivating harmony in the digital world, mitigating the potential dangers of AI technology, and creating a safe, respectful online environment for everyone. Additionally, the Zting Army takes real-world actions to address various social, environmental, and humanitarian issues.

The Zting Army acts as a global community that promotes and upholds the principles of respect, integrity, and cooperation, just as every bee in a hive works together for the well-being of the entire colony.

The Zting Community

Spread across the globe, striving for a harmonious digital world and a peaceful real one, they can also be solitary workers who uphold and advocate for a positive online presence as a part of the Zting Community.

The Angels provide support and guidance to Soldiers, and our Pollinators spread the positive work of the Zting Army, creating a ripple effect of positivity across the digital world.

The Zting Army operates under the vision and leadership of General Johnny B. Zting, with a core mission to create an internet space that is safe, positive, and constructive for everyone. We aim to make a significant impact on global issues by harnessing the power of unity and collective effort.

Join the Zting Army, and be a part of this global movement towards online positivity and real-world peace.

The Zting Organization:

The Zting Organization comprises different factions, each specializing in a particular area, such as health, education, environmental control, peace and diplomacy, disaster relief, and more. The main focus of the Zting Army is to reduce conflicts in the world wild web, metaverses, games, and more by leading by example, supporting other aid organizations, awareness, and teach how its members act in different realms.

To become a part of the Zting Organization one must adhere to strict guidelines focused on respect, peace, environmental consciousness, community service, personal development, and promotion of the organization’s goals. Those who wish to join must meet certain requirements and undergo training, particularly for the roles of Zting Army Officers and Soldiers.

The Zting Army, through its positive online presence, skilled intervention, educational initiatives, and activist missions, aims to transform the world into a safer, more respectful, and harmonious place. Its unique blend of digital and real-world engagement is changing the way we approach peacekeeping and social activism, making it a transformative force in the modern world.


1. What is the Zting Army?
The Zting Army is a global peacekeeping organization under Zting HQ that focuses on nurturing positive digital interactions and addressing real-world issues.

2. How can I join the Zting Army?
You can join the Zting Army by filling out the application form on our website. We have various roles including Soldiers, Angels, and Pollinators. Accepting the guidelines and rules of the organization is a prerequisite for joining.

3. What are the roles within the Zting Army?
We have various roles within the Zting Army, including Soldiers, Angels, and Pollinators. Soldiers uphold our commitment to positive online interactions. Angels provide support and guidance, and Pollinators help spread the Army’s positive work.

4. What does the Zting Army do?
The Zting Army strives to foster positive online interactions and contribute to resolving real-world problems. We aim to create a safe and positive space on the internet while also addressing global issues.

5. Who leads the Zting Army?
The Zting Army operates under the vision and leadership of General Johnny B. Zting, guided by the principles of respect, integrity, and cooperation.