Factions (TMP)

Zting Administration (ZA)
Zting Health Department (ZHD)
Zting Angels (ZAA)

  • Zting Search and Rescue Team (ZSRT)
  • Zting Disaster Relief Federation (ZDRF)

Zting Rifle Association (ZRA)
Zting Educational Association (ZEA)
Zting Infrastructure Commission (ZIC)
Zting Water and Sanitation Department (ZWSD)
Zting Food Security Association (ZFSA)
Zting Peace & Diplomacy Alliance (ZPDA)
Zting Environmental Renewable Energy Federation (ZEREF)
Zting Children’s Rights Association (ZCRA)
Zting Animal Welfare Department (ZAWD)
Zting Human Rights Department (ZHRD)
Zting Cultural Exchange Department (ZCED)
Zting Gender Equality Commission (ZGEC)
Zting Indigenous Rights Association (ZIRA)